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With all the craziness around the world we took a bit of humor and made the video below (Solar da Bica Super Limpezas) to show you guys how we adapt and reinforced our cleaning procedures to this “new” times.

Overall all nothing really changed that much, what we different now is adding an extra step in the disinfection part of our room cleaning procedure.

So after the room and all its surfaces are cleaned with the right products, this final step gets in motion (before making the bed and finalizing the room for your arrival) a full disinfection of the room, balcony and all its objects with a 180ºC hot steamer disinfector. This allows us to be safer and assuring the highest standers of hygiene in your room. We almost dare to say it is as good as medical disinfecting cleaning ;P but that would be too much XD

All this also happens in your bathroom that after being properly cleaned is disinfected with a bleach mixture (has it’s advised by the health authorities).

Aaaaand we guess this is it, a clean and disinfected room is the final result.

Oh and a nice view and peeeeerfect night of sleep ;D

Grateful for your reading… now go watch our little comedy sketch below 😀

With love

Solar da Bica family

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